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You want to get fit, but walking into a new gym is intimidating. Don’t let that stop you!

Hi, I’m Ryan Hawkrigg, the owner of CrossFit Lindsay. I’m here to tell you that we are a friendly bunch. Come out for a free class and see how it feels. (Heads up! It’s going to feel great)! Contact me below and I’ll get back to you with more information. Until then, here’s some info for newbies.

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The CrossFit community is growing because CrossFit works. When you join, you join a world community. And this community pushes each other. And laughs a lot.

We do something different every day. Our focus is to build core strength and power. Want to learn what it means when we whiteboard, “Your WOD is Fran for time at Rx?” Click the button.
You’ll be sore. And tired. But soon you’ll drag around less weight, suck less air, keep up with your kids, and get more done. You’ll find energy, strength, stamina, and confidence. (mic drop).
Movement matters.
I opened CrossFit Lindsay in 2015 to bring functional fitness to a cottage country corner of Canada. Anyone at any age can improve their quality of life. How you train and who you train with is what’s important. CrossFit is about intensity, not gear: A few bars, a few bells, some rings, and a friend = movement that matters.

—Ryan Hawkrigg, Owner


We do this together. And we’re better for it.

“In the early days, there were 5 of us. Almost overnight, through glowing client referrals, CrossFit Lindsay exploded. It’s tucked away in the industrial part of town. There are no mirrors, no bright signage, and no excuses. But there are new faces joining the CrossFit family every day.”

Bradley Richardson

Stacey Spindler

I highly recommend CrossFit Lindsay. It has very quickly become my second home. The coaches are welcoming and work very hard. The gym itself is by far the most equipped gym in the area. The other members are friendly and ready to help you when you need it and cheer for you in every WOD. Thank you CrossFit Lindsay for becoming such a vital part of my life.

Nicole Ehmke

It was a great workout. Everyone there was friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.

Alison Slack

From the minute you walk through the door you are embraced by a group of like minded people who train hard and laugh harder. The coaches are the best you’ll ever meet and can help you achieve anything. The best thing I ever did for my body and mind was join CrossFit Lindsay!!!

Andrea Altomare

There is definitely not enough space here to write what Crossfit Lindsay has done for me. The community is by far the best group of people I’ve ever met. Coaches are beyond knowledgeable, and the changes not only physically but mentally are unreal! This place has saved me from a dark road, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Hands down this place is my happy place!!

Adam Crossman

Crossfit Lindsay offers an inspiring, encouraging and communal environment where you can meet your fitness goals and have fun doing so. With outstanding coaches/trainers who are positive and more than happy to share their valuable expertise and insight with you. This is by far my favourite place to lift heavy things above my head.

Kayla Donahue

Atmosphere of the gym is always welcoming! The owner Ryan is very knowledgeable and accommodates all individuals who want to try Crossfit. Working out at Crossfit Lindsay is easily the best part of my day 🙂

Sara Rose Tolleson

Great place! Everyone was so friendly when I dropped in and it was a really well coached class. Thank you so much!

Mike Bibeau

The coaches, facility and community are top notch. Highly recommend.

Gary Penstone

Such a great group of people, supportive in every way. I’ve made a lot of progress in a year and it’s all thanks to the amazing trainers and all the friends I’ve made pushing me every step of the way.


Darien Piwek

Since joining the Crossfit team here in Lindsay, I have accomplished more then I ever knew I could. The trainers are absolutly amazing in every way. Between them, and all the other members, you will feel welcomed and motivated every visit. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of myself and others during our journey. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 

Cindy Bailey-McCardle

2 years ago I had back surgery and never thought I could go to a place like this in my life. I have worked very hard to push for the determination the grit the love of life and movement of my body. They are so helpful and and care how or what you can do(modify), Crossfit has made me even more stronger and I’m so in love with it. Go for once week and you will be hooked! I went once that’s all it took for me.

Join Our Gym family.

Our members make this place what it is—four walls with a lot of teamwork and heart inside. We each have our own story.

About CrossFit

Frequently asked questions

What is CrossFit?
Mathematically: CVFM @HI + community = Health and fitness. Common vernacular: If you Constantly Vary Functional Movements (that imitate everyday things we do) at a high intensity with your CrossFit friends you’ll be fitter and healthier. There are journals on this at the official site.
Should I exercise every single day?
CrossFit is intense. You don’t need to put in hours at the gym like those Schwartzenegger beefcakes from the ’80s. Maybe your WOD (workout of the day) uses an AMRAP approach (as many rounds as possible) and your legs turn to jello in under 15 minutes. That’s cool when that happens.
What the heck is a WOD?
It’s when your underwear bunches up doing CrossFit. Just kidding. Who wears underwear? (hee hee). A WOD is the “Workout Of the Day.” It’ll be on the big white board when you walk in. WODs get names because these workouts come up over and over again. It makes them easier to remember. They don’t hurt any less when they’re called Helen or Cindy.
Will I be laughed at if I don’t know the lingo?

Yep. You must know this terminology: Boxes, AMRAPs, Rx, Opens, snatches, jerks, sumos, burpees…. NAH! We jest. Strap on your shoes and bring your ears. You’ll pick it up. But! If you want to read about the movements we do at our box (gym), and how we do them, check out the two expandable boxes below.

These are some great CrossFit movements to get you started! See them here: video demos.

BURPEES: Burpees are a cornerstone of CrossFit workouts. Stand to start. Bend down and put your hands on the floor. Kick your legs back into a plank. Then do a push-up. Jump your legs back in and jump up with a hand clap overhead. Now repeat 100 times, just for funsies.

DOUBLE UNDERS: This ain’t your mama’s double-dutch. A double under is when a jump rope passes under you twice with only one jump. It takes timing and coordination to do this. Consequently, you’ll have welts all over your body.

BODY WEIGHT/AIR SQUAT: Stand up straight. Squat down until your hips are below your knees. Stand back up until your hips are once again fully extended. Keep that chest up! Fake a smile.

KNEES TO ELBOWS: Hang on! Hang from a pull-up bar and then shoot your knees up toward the torso until your elbows and knees touch. For a harder version, try bringing the toes all the way to the bar. For the hardest version, let go of the bar. (Ha. Don’t do that).

KIPPING PULL-UP: Watch almost any video on CrossFit and you’ll likely see people swinging from bars like sweaty, determined orangutans. But there’s a rhythm to that swinging that transfers horizontal motion to vertical force and allows for more (and quicker) pull-ups.

WALKING LUNGE: Using bodyweight, a barbell on the shoulders, or a weight plate held directly overhead, step forward with one foot and bend both legs until your back knee taps the ground. Repeat for the reps prescribed or until your legs wobble—whichever comes first.

ROPE CLIMB: Grab on tight and shimmy up a rope. A staple of CrossFit workouts.

DEADLIFT: Hip-width stance. Grab the bar on the floor (turn one hand in if it helps). Look straight ahead, keep back arched and stand up (don’t pull with your arms). Let the bar travel straight up along your legs. Push your heels into the ground. Walla.

SUMO DEADLIFT HIGH PULL: Take a wide stance over a barbell and explosively pull from the ground upward until the bar comes up to shoulder height— Wahoo!

THRUSTER: One of CrossFit’s most deceptively tiring movements, the thruster is—simply—a front squat followed by a push press (push the bar straight over your head). They could be called “cringers.”

HANDSTAND PUSH-UP: These are a basic movement for gymnasts—but a real challenge (and an awesome bar trick) for most regular folks. Go up to a wall. In one motion, put your hands on the floor kick your heels up onto the wall. Bend your arms to let the top of your head touch the floor. Now hoist your entire body back up until your arms are straight again. Good luck.

MUSCLE UP: In one of the most advanced CrossFit movements, you hang from gymnastic rings and explosively pull your chest above the rings to the bottom of a dip position. From there, push up until your arms are fully locked (getting down isn’t easy either).

GHD SIT-UP: A super sit-up. Sit face-up on a glute-ham developer. Reach back until your hands graze the ground, then explosively extend your legs and sit up. The GHD is an OMG sort of thing.

BOX JUMP: Jump up onto a box of a given height from a two-footed stance.

SNATCH: Get your mind out of the gutter. The snatch is one of two Olympic lifts.  Explosively lift a weighted barbell from ground to overhead in one movement. Squat under the bar and then stand up— or “recover”— to allow for heavier weights.

CLEAN & JERK: The other Olympic lift, the clean & jerk is two separate movements. Explosively lift a weighted barbell from the ground to the shoulders (squat if you need to and then stand to recover). After a brief pause, take a shallow dip and then drive upward to propel the bar overhead. You can land in a split position and then bring your feet back in line.

RING DIP: It’s just like a conventional bodyweight dip, only on gymnastic rings. The rings are unstable, making it harder to keep the hands close to the body (like dips needed to be any harder).

ROWING MACHINE: You row. On a machine. Just like how Olympic scullers do it in the Oympics. Pull back and extend your legs,  slide forward. Pull back and extend your legs, slide forward. Repeat for 5 minutes or 1000m. Yeehaw, honey!

WALLBALL: Hold a 20-pound (for men) or 14-pound (for ladies) medicine ball at your chest. Squat down and explosively stand up, throwing the ball toward an eight- or 10-foot target above their heads. Sounds like fun! But it’s not.

Here is the complete CrossFit TRAINING GUIDE.

Box: A CrossFit gym. It’s barebones and that’s the way we like it.

AMRAPAs Many Reps/Rounds As Possible. It’s the number of times you can repeat a round of exercises in a set amount of time. For example, you might see how many times you can complete 5 deadlifts, 10 pullups, and 20 double-unders in 6 minutes (without puking).

For Time: Finish the prescribed workout (Rx) as quickly as you can.

Score: The total number of rounds completed. Tack on the extra reps you completed in the last round that you didn’t complete  (i.e., 8R + 12 would mean 8 rounds complete and 12 reps into the 9th round when time expired).

Rx: Completing each exercise of the workout without any modifications as prescribed (i.e. 7R +16 Rx)

CrossFit Games: The Superbowl of CrossFit where the most elite in the sport come to compete in the summer and be crowned the World’s Fittest Man and Woman.

CrossFit Open: A virtual CrossFit Games. CrossFitters register online, then compete at their box against other CrossFitters around the world on the same day.

Affiliate: A gym, or “box,” that’s officially affiliated with the CrossFit brand (and thus given CrossFit Headquarters’ blessing to spread the brand’s gospel). In order to become an affiliate, gyms must have CrossFit-certified trainers on staff.

CrossFit HQ: Owned and operated by founder Greg Glassman, the first CrossFit gym is located in Santa Cruz, CA. The location is a sort of Mecca for the compulsively fit, and the location still serves as the brain of CrossFit methodology and

CrossFit JournalThe Journal is CrossFit’s internal publication featuring information on workouts, movements, inspirational stories, and news. Updated daily, the online publication charges readers $25 a year for unlimited access to research, articles, videos, and more.

greg glassman

founder of crossfit inc.

We want to fuel a revolution in fitness that advocates the pursuit of function, not form—that measures performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines. We believe that where you train is less important than how you train and that who you train with matters more than what gear you have. We know this can be done in little boxes and we’ve proven that the garage is as good an environment as any for Forging Elite Fitness®. 

Ryan Hawkrigg

CrossFit Level 1
Hawkrigg harbours more shoes than the average chick and can outrun a cheetah. He discovered a love of running in highschool and turned that into a scholarship at Saint Francis Xavier where he grabbed a Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree. He spent a few years rallying the troops bootcamp-style, but then he found CrossFit and never looked back.

He opened a CrossFit gym and watched his beard and muscles sprout. He has dreamy baby blues that make the ladies swoon and a smile that wins the hearts of babies. He also throws a mean frisbee.

Kristin Quibell
CrossFit Level 1
Kristin is a multitasker of epic magnitude. She is a mom of two active young ladies, a business manager, and a CrossFit trainer. Her power source is invisible and of unknown origin. She might actually be a terminator. (Don’t tell her where John Connor is.)

She isn’t afraid to throw AMRAP wall balls at you until you are afraid to sit upright in bed the next morning. And she can pick up your back squat bar and rack it for you unpretentiously with one arm (with a smile).

Kristin Quibell
CrossFit Level 1
Kristin is a multitasker of epic magnitude. She is a mom of two active young ladies, a business manager, and a CrossFit trainer. Her power source is invisible and of unknown origin. She might be a terminator actually. (Don’t tell her where John  Connor is.)

She isn’t afraid to throw AMRAP wall balls at you until you are afraid to sit upright in bed the next morning. And she can pick up your back squat bar and rack it for you unpretentiously with one arm (with a smile).

This is our custom shoe skid. Guess what? There’s room for another pair. 
We want your shoes!

CrossFit is a community. At CrossFit Lindsay, our members are all ages and all body types. We work together to get fitter and enjoy life. 


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205 St. George St. Bldg #5, Unit #2
Lindsay, ON K9V 5Z9

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